Where There's Smoke

May 25-30, 2020 - Page 10


<Grunt> Hey bud 😂😂

<Grunt> You got a problem bud? 😂😂

<Grunt> Hit my vape bud. Lmao

<Grunt> Unless you're one of those runaway snowflakes 🤔

<Funny guy> nope i don't want anything to do with this

<Grunt> 😂 Ngl youre bein cringeworthy chief.

<P-Man> Secure the bag, Mr. Piermario.

<Funny guy> what?!

<Funny guy> and just like that, they were sliced in half by some blue force

<Wingus> mhm

<Funny guy> into some kind of wormhole. totally sucked out of existence

<Wingus> yeah

<Wingus> that's cool but can you sleep

<Funny guy> huh?

<Wingus> dude sleep i want it to be day

<Funny guy> okay i'm sleeping

<Jason> wec