Where There's Smoke

June 2-6, 2020 - Page 11


<June> Hmm...

<June> Wingus? Are you in there?

<Wingus> gahhh FUCK!!! what a beautiful FUCKING day! shit!

<June> Oh, hi again!

<Wingus> hey oh shit is that fude? food? FUCK! FUNNY GUY! come check this shit out! Jason!

<June> Oh there's... more people?

<Jason> wec?

<Funny guy> good morning, Wingus. this wouldn't happen to be your sister, would it?

<Wingus> haha i wish

<June> ...

<Wingus> this is uh...

<Wingus> whats your name again

<June> June...

<Wingus> haha my bad lemme rite that down

<Wingus> anyway. she brought food

<Jason> wec

<Wingus> (airline food)

<June> Are you sure you don't want anything?

<Funny guy> i'd have some fruit but it's tough to swallow

<Jason> you suck dick, wingus?

<Wingus> what

<Jason> wec

<June> We do have a little more food at the plane, um...

<Wingus> *munch* funnyguy *crunch*

<June> Funguy.

<Wingus> that works

<Funguy> there's a plane?

<Wingus> it crashed. meaning it can't fly