Where There's Smoke

December 16, 2020 - Page 30


<Funguy> ?!

<Funguy> hey... uh... i don't mean to alarm you. but time travel is real.

<Funguy> kinda.

<Funguy> you're gonna need this... it's more chorus, already enchanted, and a couple other things

<Funguy> what happens in the future?

<Funguy> a lot.

Future Funguy flies off on his time travel devices.

<Funguy> huh?!

<Funguy> oh, thanks!! real fucking helpful!!

<Wingus> what an asshole

<Wingus> so ur a time traveler, huh? this whole time and u didnt tell me

<Wingus> thats fine; ill keep your secret! my lips are tied.

<Wingus> i like future you. they know whats important

<Funguy> i'm feeling uneasy. i didn't even know time travel was real.

<Wingus> oh its real, son

<Funguy> don't call me son. it's weird.

<Wingus> its only weird if you make it weird bro

<Wingus> you know what this means right

<Wingus> bad things can't happen anymore

<Funguy> what makes you say that?

<Wingus> watch this

<Wingus> hey big man!!!!!! nice fucking gun!!!!!! why don't you shoot me in the fucking head with it!!!!!! come on do it!!!!!!

<Grunt> Uh...

<Wingus> i'm a crazy drug dealer!!!!!! i work for the sydnicate!!!!!! kill me motherfucker!!!!!

<Funguy> what are you doing???

<Wingus> dude time travel is real so it doesnt matter

<Wingus> if i were gonna die id just time travel back and save myself. probably

<Wingus> last chance dumbass; point blank in between the eyes!! pull the fucking trigger!!!!

<Grunt> Wtf

<Wingus> fuck this

<Grunt> AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! 😱😱😱

<Funguy> what's wrong with you, wingus?!?!

<Wingus> everything

<Funguy> don't kill yourself, dude

<Wingus> i would have survived. i can travel back

<Funguy> how do you know that you live in the future? i'm the one who time traveled back! you could die tomorrow, asshole.

<Wingus> rude

<Wingus> look

<Wingus> we're out of spaceweed

<Wingus> my sisters probably being. being raped by pirates right now

<Wingus> and i entirely forgot about jason until now

<Wingus> i dont care what happens

<Wingus> if you survive whatever happens in the future

<Wingus> i know i will too

<Wingus> all that matters is this weed project

<Wingus> nothing else

<Wingus> no more bummerzone

<Wingus> why do you keep doing that