Where There's Smoke

January 8, 2021 - Page 31


<Wingus> hey buddy i brought the uh

<Wingus> the uh

<Wingus> i forgot what is was called

<Wingus> spaceweed

<Wingus> here ya go

<Bauer> Hmm... Good work, Wingus

<Bauer> And your payment.

<Wingus> haha dude this is awesome im gonna do the thing

<Wingus> what the fuck

<Wingus> chocolate

<Wingus> ok dude thats funny and all giving me chocolate coins i get its supposed to be ironic but i need actual money

<Wingus> i dont feel like fighting you bro give me some real gold

<Bauer> Oh, I forgot, you're new to Etowana.

<Bauer> Chocolate coins are the standard currency here. Though some may trade in tools, weapons, and favors, chocolate coins came about in the past several decades as the Papermaker Foundation endeavored to unify our economy.

<Wingus> i dont get it

<Bauer> Come with me.

<Bauer> We'll be taking a ride on the elevated rail.

<Wingus> what like. a train in the sky

<Wingus> wow

<Wingus> this place is awful!

<Wingus> ok u wanna tell me wut this is

<Wingus> why are we on a train. above the ground

<Wingus> why is it so clean in here

<Wingus> cmon tell me whyyy

<Bauer> Where do you come from, Gus?

<Wingus> blackwater bay. matey

<Bauer> Hmm... Overseas.

<Bauer> Welcome to a life of luxury, my friend.

<Wingus> thats actually really ironic because this place is not very luxurious in fact its kinda the opposite

<Bauer> The lack of luxury in this ghetto is merely due to the incompetence of its denizens.

<Bauer> Those who wish to rise to the top must play the game, and in doing so, play others. I trust that you understand this.

<Bauer> It is only natural that those who put in the effort will rise to the top!

<Wingus> i havent been putting in any effort actually

<Bauer> Businessmen like you and I, we put in the work necessary to make chocolate coins work for us. And that is how we may live a life of luxury.

<Wingus> yeah ok yeah i see i get it