Where There's Smoke

May 7-23, 2020 - Page 9


<Wingus> what kind of name is tooligan

<Wingus> oh wait this is that plane that crashed earlier i forgot about it

<Wingus> the plane crashed and landed in the distance

<Wingus> this is that plane

<Wingus> u can talk like this u know

<June> Tooligan, go inside. I can handle this.

<Tooligan> Okay >:(

<Wingus> lol

<June> Who are you?

<Wingus> wingus. have you seen my sister

<June> I haven't... My name's June, by the way-

<Wingus> what is this place

<June> I don't know... We just landed-

<Wingus> where are you're brothers ears

<June> Huh?

<Wingus> that guy i was fighting. uhhh... tooligan! yea. no ears

<June> His ears... it's a touchy subject. They were cut off long ago.

<Wingus> why

<June> Well, he's... I don't know how to put this...

<June> He's a catboy.

<Wingus> what

<June> My brother was a catboy. You know, cat ears, cat tail... But human.

<June> Well, not anymore. Things... changed.

<June> They're often hunted in the city.

<Wingus> damn bro thats crazy

<June> ...

<Wingus> so do catboys have barbed dicks